The company PHOENIXCAPITAL Limited established in 2016, in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. PHOENIXCAPITAL - is holding subsidiary of PhoenixGroup. The company is leading in the cryptocurrency and stock trading industry. Our team is professional traders, financial experts and analysts, with many years of experience. PHOENIXCAPITAL Limited received several awards in 2018: "The best cryptocurrency broker", "Robust micro-investment platform" and "Trader of the year" for the highest rate of successful financial operations. Also after the IPO in 2018, PHOENIXCAPITAL is a US licensed cryptocurrency broker.

In 2019, to scale up the company's activities, an investment platform was created. PHOENIXCAPITAL provides the opportunity to generate income, up to 3.5% per day. Also, a referral program was created, which includes earnings from the active promotion of the company and inviting new investors to join the company`s investment program. You can make a profit, up to 5% of amount of the investments attracted by you. Thus, the possibility of obtaining passive income and earnings without investing funds is provided for the company's customers.

How it works: the company

PHOENIXCAPITAL is engaged in the acquisition of digital assets. An analysis of the behavior of indices based on artificial intelligence technologies allows us to create an accurate forecast of trends and make a stable profit. Company`s investors receive a stable income based on the percentage of the amount of investment specified in the contract. Market research of digital assets and the presence of a trading strategy are the key to reasonable investments with excellent dividends for the company. Our financial analysts and experts working on monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the situation on the financial markets. The company assumes all risks associated with cash flow.

PHOENIXCAPITAL is a future of investments!

PHOENIXCAPITAL is a unique platform for automated trading and digital asset management.

Our team is professional traders, financial experts and analysts with many years of working experience. The technical and fundamental analysis of market trends is based on the most effective technologies of financial analysis, using artificial intelligence, which made it possible to successfully predict the movement of financial market trends and created the possibility of timely execution of profitable orders.

Your investments secured!

PHOENIXCAPITAL is especially careful about the security of customer`s investments. Practical experience in conducting fundamental financial analysis has allowed us to create a risk management technology by developing a set of investment strategies, so our customers could have the opportunity to maximize income with minimal risk. The financial and technical base is based on the most efficient machine trading algorithms. The basis of this concept defines the main principles of investment: the principle of diversification, in order to achieve the greatest safety, profitability and liquidity.

Join team as an investor and get passive income!

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